26/03/2024: Trichinella – Controlled Housing Conditions for Pigs

Previously as a European Union (EU) Member State, we were able to operate a keeper self-declaration system for Controlled Housing Conditions (CHC) for pigs.  This meant that these animals were exempt from trichinella testing.  However, this is no longer an option as Official Vets (OVs) are required to sign an export health certificate (EHC) and part of this includes them signing off that pigs or pig meat comes from CHC compliant holdings.  Given the assurance required to allow an OV to sign an EHC it is no longer possible to rely on system of self-declaration. 

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) and other standards organisations have reviewed their standards for the pig assurance schemes to ensure they comply with the requirements of the EU legislation for CHC for pigs. 

From Friday 29 March 2024 the current self-declaration list on ScotEID is no longer available.  As of Saturday 30 March you must be a member of an assurance scheme such as QMS and your vet must submit a quarterly vet declaration (QVD) to confirm your compliance to be able to tick the CHC box on ScotEID.  If you are not a member of an assurance scheme your pigs require to be tested for trichinella.

For keepers who decide not to become a member of an assurance scheme there is a requirement for the vet to submit the quarterly report on ‘Pig Premises Separation from Cloven Hoofed Animals’ which is also a EHC requirement. 

Protocol for vets covering assured pig units.

The Quarterly Vet Declaration which is attached must be completed by the unit vet at the end of each quarter and a scanned copy should be sent to help@scoteid.com and wholesomepigs@scottishpigproducers.co.uk

  • The CHC requirements require all pigs to be housed indoors and not outdoors.  There is an exemption for pigs kept outdoors which are 5 weeks and under and there is a further exemption where a risk assessment has been completed to demonstrate that outdoor access does not pose a risk to the introduction of trichinella for pigs kept outdoors beyond 5 weeks.
  • There is an official risk assessment calculator that can be used for this purpose, which is now available for vets to use.  This can be done as part of the Quarterly Vet Visit inspection.  A copy of the risk assessment calculator is attached. If you need a copy of the Controlled Housing Conditions (CHC) Risk Assessment Tool/Calculator please contact the ScotEID Huntly Office.