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ScotEID works closely with the Scottish livestock sector & Scottish Government to design, develop and deliver solutions to ensure robust traceability and minimise legislative difficulties.
Scottish sheep, pig & cattle keepers can register with ScotEID in order to meet or minimise current legislative requirements.

News & Information

20/12/2017: African Swine Fever

Pig keepers are being reminded that it is illegal to feed kitchen scraps or catering waste to their pigs, as this may spread disease. Buying a recognised pig feed from your local agricultural merchant is the safest option. This issue is being highlighted following the spread of African Swine Fever in parts of Eastern and Central Europe this year.
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13/12/2017: EID lamb carcass feedback survey

Quality Meat Scotland has asked SAOS and ScotEID to gauge interest amongst Scottish sheep producers in receiving abattoir feedback on their individual, known animals. For example, with respect to carcass grade, weight and price.

To help identify the potential to expand EID-facilitated lamb reporting by Scottish abattoirs, we are
interested in views across the sheep industry (including pedigree, finisher and breeding flocks) regarding the benefits of and barriers to uptake. Some of you may receive a direct request by email,
but to help us understand reasons for seeking or not seeking EID-facilitated feedback, all sheep
farmers are invited to please complete the survey available here: (N.B. If you have not completed the mandatory sheep and goat inventory (see below) then we would advise you do so first.)

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