ScotEID - Scottish EID Livestock Traceability Research

ScotEID works closely with the Scottish livestock sector & Scottish Government to design, develop and deliver solutions to ensure robust traceability and minimise legislative difficulties.
Scottish sheep, pig & cattle keepers can register with ScotEID in order to meet or minimise current legislative requirements.


26/09/2016: CTS Links Replacement Announcement by Scottish Government
Scottish Government have announced a replacement for the current CTS Links System. The new system is called ScotMoves and will be hosted here on ScotEID.
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18/07/2016: Beef Efficiency Scheme calving data deadline extended
The deadline for recording the Beef Efficiency Scheme calving data has been extended deadline extended to 31 July 2016

27/05/2016: Beef Efficiency Scheme deadline extended
The deadline to apply for the Beef Efficiency Scheme has been extended from 31 May to 15 June 2016.

29/04/2016: the Beef Efficiency Scheme is now open for applications

Click here to find out more.

Apply on this website.

11/02/2016: Porcine Epidemic Diarrhoea (PED) to become notifiable disease from 2 March

From 2 March it will be a legal requirement for pig keepers to report any suspected cases of PED to the Scottish Pig Disease Control Centre (01466 705247), who will provide advice to affected keepers. There will be no mandatory restrictions or culling if PED is suspected or confirmed. A highly pathogenic PED strain has caused significant problems in China, North America and more recently has been seen in the Ukraine, so vigilance and early reporting is essential.

For more information visit the Scottish Government website

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