ScotEID - Scottish EID Livestock Traceability Research

ScotEID works closely with the Scottish livestock sector & Scottish Government to design, develop and deliver solutions to ensure robust traceability and minimise legislative difficulties.
Scottish sheep, pig & cattle keepers can register with ScotEID in order to meet or minimise current legislative requirements.

News & Information

26/05/2017: ScotMoves – Springtime cattle movements

There are now 3,600 keepers registered on ScotMoves, who have recorded 7,900 additional holdings. Movements recorded on ScotMoves now exceed 220,000 – about 10,000 recorded movements each week since its launch on the 1st January 2017. Recording this information centrally on ScotMoves supports the whole beef industry by accurately recording where all Scottish cattle are currently located, now moved onto springtime grazing. The system aids disease control and eradication - such as BVD where the system accurately records the location of PI cattle. Many thanks are due to cattle farmers who are registered on ScotMoves for their continuing support and feedback, which helps us improve ScotMoves, to ensure the system meets the needs of the beef industry and Scottish Government.

25/05/2017: ScotMoves Automatic Calf Allocation

When ScotMoves receives calf registration details from CTS, ScotMoves will automatically make an initial allocation of the calf to be on the holding along with its mother*. This is the case whether the mother is on the main holding or an additional holding.
Following ScotMoves initial allocation of a newly registered calf, when mother and her calf are moved to another holding on ScotMoves, you must also record the movement of the calf. ScotMoves does not automatically record the movement of a calf when it's mother is moved.

* If a calf is no longer with its mother when the CTS registration is made, e.g. a separated twin, on ScotMoves you must allocate the calf to its actual holding if different from its mother’s holding.

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