25/07/2022: BSE negligble risk survey

The Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) is asking all cattle farmers to participate in a short survey on cattle feed storage.

The aim of this survey is to gather supportive information to help Great Britain attempt to obtain negligible BSE risk status. This will help facilitate trade and access new markets for export of British beef and feed products. Great Britain currently has controlled BSE risk status.

A 2021 BSE case in England was linked to residual contaminated feed from a silo that had been in use since the early 1980s. This survey therefore hopes to establish whether cattle keepers still use a silo, or any other container storing loose concentrated feedstuffs, that predates 1 August 1996 when the reinforced ban on feeding of processed animal protein to farmed animals was introduced.

Click here to access the survey

08/06/2022: Recording Within Business Moves

If you keep cattle on holdings other than your main holding, moves to and from your main and additional holdings must be recorded on ScotEID as ‘Within Business Moves’ on this menu option on the left.

Now may be the time when cattle are returning from over-wintering or heading out to summer grazings.  Within business moves must be recorded within 48 hours on ScotEID.  If you have a query or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to phone the Help Team on 01466 794323.

26/05/2022: African Swine Fever outbreak in Southern Germany

A case of African Swine Fever has been declared in the South of Germany on Thursday 26 May, 7 km from the French border, which represents a jump of 500 km in disease.  The recent jumps to Italy and the further delay by the UK Government on the introduction of Border checks is of concern to the pig industry.  Linked below is a copy of a letter that CVO Scotland will issue to all registered pig keepers along with biosecurity guidance. 

15/03/2022: Additional passport print run introduced

Due to the number of birth registrations increasing at this time of year we have introduced a third and fourth passport print run each week.  Passports for calves registered before 5pm each Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are printed and posted the following day. 

Please register your calves promptly at this busy time of year; either online, or by giving us a call, and please check your passports when you receive them.

If there is an issue that prevents a calf being registered please contact us as soon as possible; that contact is used as your notification date, which is not impacted by the time taken to resolve the issue, so please be in touch to avoid a late registration and the hassle that causes.


12/12/2021: Office opening hours

The Huntly office will be closed Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th of December 2021, and Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4thof  January 2022 over the festive period.  The answer machine will be available for short messages to be left over this period or alternatively please send an email in to help@scoteid.com and we will get back to you when we return to the office

We wish you all the best over the festive period.

21/10/2021: Covid-19

Unfortunately, a colleague in the ScotEID Huntly office has tested positive for Covid.  This will mean that the office must adhere to the procedures for NHS Test & Protect.  This may mean that our normal service is interrupted as we change to more work from home.  Please bear with us during this time.  Thank you Bob Yuill – Director.

20/09/2021: Registration for ScotMoves+

Cattle keepers that are required to register for ScotMoves+ are due to receive a registration letter including a ‘registration code’. Keepers already registered for the existing system ScotMoves have been automatically registered for ScotMoves+. This can be checked on the menu item ‘ScotMoves+ Registration'.

The switch over is scheduled for the 4th October 2021. You do not have to register before then but you will need to be registered once you need to record cattle births, deaths or moves.

Links to the issued communications:

If you have not received this communication by the 24th of September, please contact ScotEID.