Support Software

ScotEID desktop application

The ScotEID team have produced simplified reader software for capturing the required data from various readers. Currently supported EID readers: Agrident, Aleis, Allflex, BioControl, Deister, Edit, Gallagher, Nedap, Shearwell, Tag-IE and any others supporting the ISO 24631 standard over serial or bluetooth output.

Platform Version Release date Notes Reference Installer
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 1.3.34 10/11/2017 Stable version (recommended)
Now supports Agrident AWL200 and AWR300
Quick start guide Download
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 1.5.9 20/08/20 Development version   Download
Integrated Farm Software

The software packages listed below have integrated with ScotEID webservices. If your farm management software is not listed here it means they haven't yet implemented support for ScotEID webservices but they may be working on doing so. We recommend contacting your own software supplier for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Application Name Software Supplier Application Type Sheep Pigs Cattle: ScotMoves
AgriWebb AgriWebb Desktop YES   YES
CATTLEdata Farmdata Desktop     YES
SHEEPdata Farmdata Desktop YES    
Farm Matters Farm Matters Ltd Desktop     YES
Farmplan Farmplan Desktop     YES
Farm Solutions Farm Solutions Ltd Desktop   YES YES
FarmIT 3000 Border Software Desktop YES   YES
Farm Wizard Farm Wizard Cloud based      
NLMD-LT NLMD-LT Cloud based YES    
Gallagher Dashboard Gallagher Cloud based YES    
FarmWorks by Shearwell Data Ltd Shearwell Desktop YES   YES
UNIFORM Professional Uniform-Agri Desktop     YES
HerdMetrix Uniform-Agri Desktop     YES
Every effort has been made to ensure this information is as accurate as possible at the time of publishing. If you notice any discrepancies please contact
ScotEID Webservices for 3rd Party Software

Software developers can integrate their software with the ScotEID database. An integration guide for developers can be downloaded here.

The ScotMoves+ web services are currently under development. Documentation for the ScotMoves+ web services can be downloaded here. If you wish to integrate your software with ScotMoves+ please contact

Remote SupportIf you need help we may be able to offer remote support. Click the icon below to download and install the support software and then give us a call
EID reader firmware/software


AWR 100 Stick Reader

Desktop Software: Download Version 2.19 + 2.12 Firmware or v1.14(old) 
Manual: for v2+ Firmware or v1 Firmware (old)


RS320 Stick Reader

Manual: Download Version 11

BioControl HHR 3000 Pro

The latest software for the BioControl HHR 3000 Pro can be downloaded from the community section of BioControl's own website here: Community

In order to use the HHR 3000 with the ScotEID Desktop application a specific program needs to be installed on the reader using the HHR Manager software from BioControl. This program was provided by Livestock EID Solutions Ltd.



I-Read Portable Reader

Software: Download version 1.1