15/03/2022: Additional passport print run introduced

Due to the number of birth registrations increasing at this time of year we have introduced a third and fourth passport print run each week.  Passports for calves registered before 5pm each Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are printed and posted the following day. 

Please register your calves promptly at this busy time of year; either online, or by giving us a call, and please check your passports when you receive them.

If there is an issue that prevents a calf being registered please contact us as soon as possible; that contact is used as your notification date, which is not impacted by the time taken to resolve the issue, so please be in touch to avoid a late registration and the hassle that causes.


12/12/2021: Office opening hours

The Huntly office will be closed Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th of December 2021, and Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4thof  January 2022 over the festive period.  The answer machine will be available for short messages to be left over this period or alternatively please send an email in to help@scoteid.com and we will get back to you when we return to the office

We wish you all the best over the festive period.

21/10/2021: Covid-19

Unfortunately, a colleague in the ScotEID Huntly office has tested positive for Covid.  This will mean that the office must adhere to the procedures for NHS Test & Protect.  This may mean that our normal service is interrupted as we change to more work from home.  Please bear with us during this time.  Thank you Bob Yuill – Director.

20/09/2021: Registration for ScotMoves+

Cattle keepers that are required to register for ScotMoves+ are due to receive a registration letter including a ‘registration code’. Keepers already registered for the existing system ScotMoves have been automatically registered for ScotMoves+. This can be checked on the menu item ‘ScotMoves+ Registration'.

The switch over is scheduled for the 4th October 2021. You do not have to register before then but you will need to be registered once you need to record cattle births, deaths or moves.

Links to the issued communications:

If you have not received this communication by the 24th of September, please contact ScotEID.


06/09/2021: Switch Over to ScotEID - scheduled for the 4th of October 2021

Cattle keepers in Scotland are due to receive an introductory letter and a booklet containing questions and answers regarding the switch over of keepers, currently reporting their cattle records to BCMS, to begin reporting all their cattle records to ScotEID.  The switch over is scheduled for the 4th October 2021.

Links to the issued communications are below:

Covering Letter

Keeper switch over Q & A

If you have not received this communication by the 10th of September, and you would like paper copies sent out, please contact ScotEID.

03/02/2021: Data Protection Policy update

Please note that our Data Protection Policy has been updated.  The update includes the addition of the Food Standards Agency (FSA) who may require limited access for data on trichinella controls for the export of live pigs and pig meat.  Also included is a new reference where limited data and analysis may be used towards reducing emissions intensity of livestock systems by improving on-farm production and greenhouse gas efficiencies. Other small changes include reference to withdrawal from the European Union, which may be subject to further updating.

ScotEID Data Protection Policy