23/01/2024 Sending post to ScotEID - incorrect postage

We have been receiving an increasing number of postal charges, due to the incorrect postage being affixed to envelopes sent to ScotEID. This can result in delays in us receiving and processing your data. 

For example, if the envelope is thicker than 5mm, weighs more than 100g (but less than 2kg) and/or is larger than A5, then a large letter stamp should be used. More information on sizes and weights can be found at Royal Mail Letters and Parcels.

We are also receiving old stamps that are no longer valid, please ensure that you no longer use the old stamps. Further information is available at Royal Mail - Know where your old stamps are.  Please ensure you buy your stamps from a reputable source and do not reuse stamps that have been sent to you as we are seeing a number of counterfeit and reused stamps.

If you are unsure about any of the above, then please take guidance from Royal Mail staff. Please note that these charges may be passed onto the sender/keeper, along with an administrative fee. 

Thank you for your assistance.