30/11/2023: Sheep and Goat Inventory for 2023 - Now open to complete

The survey to complete the Sheep and Goat Inventory for 2023 is now open and available on this link:


Sheep and Goat keepers have been sent a letter from the Animal Health and Welfare Disease Prevention Team within Scottish Government containing the password required to sign on to the Survey using the link above.  The letters were posted on Tuesday 28th November. 

This year,  the Sheep and Goat Inventory is available to complete via the online survey only. More information is available in the guidance.  The survey closes on the 31st December, please ensure your  Sheep and Goat Inventory is completed by then.  Please use the email address sheepandgoatinventory@gov.scot for queries regarding the Sheep and Goat Inventory which can be used to send a question or request a call back. Please use this email address if you have not received your letter by 12/12/2023.